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Search my own posts by board

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Can we have a way to filter our own posts by board? There is already a statistic to tell us how many posts we have in each separate board, but no way to view said posts.


I ask this because I was just trying to look up a post I made a fair while ago in the MySQL Help board but cannot for the life of me remember what it was called.


I tried using the search option, filling in the word 'the' and filling in the by user 'joe92' but was told:

Your search query contained too trivial words. Please try again with a different query.


Seems a bit overkill to limit searches if they filled in a particular user. Though totally understandable having that there if the search is searching by all users. Maybe remove that limitation when a user is filled into the search criteria?




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I found it at long last! Haha. Though would love to see this implemented nonetheless :D


By the way, I found a bug whiles searching for my post.


If I were to enter the search term, 'mysql as', and select 'Match any words' it will mess up the search term highlighting. Something like this will be shown in a title somewhere.


MySQL Help / ass="highlight">mysql SELECT not working.


The as is matching in class, but only on topics that included mysql in them too. Presumably because it matches mysql first, then runs through 'as' and finds it in the class="highlight".


Thought you'd want to know,


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If you go to the bottom of the search page



You will see a plus sign to search by board.  Click the plus sign and at the bottom of that you will see "Check all" already checked.  Uncheck it and you will be able to filter by boards.  Unfortunately, you will still have to enter a search term.  I recommend, putting something arbitrary like the word "as" or "the" or "am"...


EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention that you will need to enter your username in the "by user" field.  If you have had your display name changed, then you will have to search for both the old name and the new.

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