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Escaping strings for GLOB


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Hey guys. I'm trying to fix this small library's bug.

It's having issues when there are special characters in the string name. I'm wondering perhaps if there's a function available to escape it all in one go?


My actual question is concerning backslashes.


Say we have

$dir1 = "\\test\\";
$dir2 = "{test";


In the case that I'm actually looking for a folder with this name, what rules apply say with str replace? What would the search/replace string be for say $dir1, would they be the same by any chance, as the search has characters 'escaped' while the replace is inserting raw text?

//Dir 1:
Search:  \\\\t\\\\
Replace \\\\t\\\\

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Did you try using the GLOB_NOESCAPE flag? See the manual for glob


That would disable a blackslash from quoting a metacharecter. Although '\\test' with the flag on would correctly look for a '\test' folder which goes against my logic?

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