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Are ajax queries fast?


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Hey all,


I have finally worked out ajax in jquery since i have only worked with jquery for the past couple of days.


Currently i have 4 drop down boxes that populate the one after the next depending on the amount of tables rows the ajax returned, this normally is about 2-6 out of a possible 20-30 in the table. Im sending two mysql queries on select click event.


My question is a I have only does local testing so I don't know the response speed to these ajax calls and was wondering if you think there will be much delay from the time sent to the time its recieved and displayed?



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Ajax seemed like the easier way to do this as making a variable 4 arrays deep seems a bit to intricate to especially when the database could get bigger. This way I only have 1 column to search but will require multiple queries. This will only be used as a admin feature to add categories/products so single user access.

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