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Call to undefined function: start_session()


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I get this error when im trying to access my site that ive just moved from windows to linux.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: start_session() in /var/www/virtual/xxxxxxx.xxx/htdocs/config.php on line 123

This is what is on line 123 and around.
Anyone know what im doing wrong ?
// Initialize the session(s)
if(session_id() == ""){
}else {
$smarty->assign("a_session__id", session_id() );
//echo " session_name = " .session_name(). ", <BR><BR> session_id = " . session_id();
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It's hard to believe php would let you get away using the wrong one all this time.
Most likely you were and just don't remember, unless your server had some crackheaded setup, or there is a setup info in the php.ini that can set session_start to stay on all the time, maybe on all your other server's that was inabled, so start_session (incorrect name) was called, it was ignored but everything still worked, because the ini had it set too.
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session_start is the correct function to start a session and always has been. There is no setting in the php.ini that can allow you to use start_session to start a session.

However I think you have misread/misinterpreted what businessman said. What businessman said was perhaps your other servers had a setting a called [b]session.auto_start[/b] enabled which would start the session automatically without you explicitly telling PHP to start a session in your script. However if PHP cannot find a function when you call for it it will produce a fatal error. Fatal errors will stop the script from working so this cannot be the case.
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