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MSSQL group by help


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Hey guys. I asked this question in the php coding help as i was not sure where i needed to do it but got help


I need to do some math to the results for the table.  I need to have the all months entered group together and then have the columns K001, K002, and total multiplied by 22 to get a month total of used amount.


I have a table structure that looks like this.


Array (
    [Manufacturer] => SUPERIOR
    [Description] => S-0170 B BLEND
    [VOCContent] => 100
    [Disbursed] => 55
    [Recovered] => 0
    [Month] => October
    [K001] => 0.67
    [K002] => 1.83
    [usePerDay] => 2.5
    [TotalVocEmissions] => 17.45
    [TotalK001] => 4.68
    [TotalK002] => 12.77
    [Year] => 2001


so far i have tried this but i am not that fluent in sql statements beyond the very basic.


    Month > '$month'
    Year > '$year'
Group BY
    month, year";

That is just one i have tried.  But that gets an error about columns not being contained as aggregate or in the group by.


anyone able to point me in a direction to solve this

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From what I've read your overcomplicating things and confusing yourself.


Are you trying to multiply columns K001, K002, and total by 22? If so, why are you doing that when you need the total? Unless I've completely misinterpreted your problem.

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I am honestly not sure the best route to take... still trying to figure it out.


What i need to do is group them by month.  So all of the entries for the month of august are together.  Then I have a few fields that are not stored in the database that are based off of the total usage for that month.


So all of august usage grouped and then used to create a total for K001, K002, and the totalvocemission are created as separate fields

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