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Is there a way to clean up an if statement with many conditions?


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you can use the switch function:

switch( $if )
    // same thing as if ( $condition == 'value' )
    case 'value':
          do this;
    case 'value2': 
    case 'value3':
         do that;


You can separate your conditions and have it broken down onto separate lines.


As my dad always said, "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

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We'd have to see the actual code to know if there is a way to rewrite it using less conditions or a different structure.  If your goal is just to reduce the line length you can either

a) Use some temp variables to shorten the if -or-

b) Separate the conditions onto separate lines.



Eg, giving the original statement of:

if(condition1 && condition2 && (condition3 && condition4) || (condition5 && condition6) || (condition7 && condition8))



$res1 = condition3 && condition4;
$res2 = condition5 && condition6;
$res3 = condition7 && condition8;

if(condition1 && condition2 && $res1 || $res2 || $res3)




&& condition2 
&& (condition3 && condition4) 
|| (condition5 && condition6) 
|| (condition7 && condition8)


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