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Hi guys,


I have been looking for some tooltip solutions as my client wants a feature where when you hover over the username of a certain member, it will show the relative image and information on that member inside the tooltip, now I have been searching around and simple tooltips seem to be no problem, but pulling out information from a database is another, it seems I have to do this with Ajax, but I don't understand how when hovering over a username, it can grab that username and pull out relative information on that user? Anyone who can explain this process so it is easier for me to grasp, and start building on it?


Basically like this : http://rndnext.blogspot.co.uk/2009/02/jquery-ajax-tooltip.html

Although I don't really understand that concept..


Much appreciated!

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Basically it is issuing a trigger command to show the pop up when a mouseover is done and there is a valid ID.  Then in the page personajax.aspx it is querying the database for the information.


54.          type: 'GET',  
55.          url: 'personajax.aspx',  
56.          data: 'page=' + pageID + '&guid=' + currentID,  
57.          success: function(data)  
58.          { 

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