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User Authentication

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I'm useing the following script to force users to authenticate by including the below script, and I keep getting erors in line 9, but I don't see any, may be just lack of experence :(




 function authenticate() {
  Header("WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm=\"secure login\"");
  echo "Authentication Failed!";
 if(!isset($PHP_AUTH_USER)) {h
   echo "Authorization Failed\n";
 } else {
   $checkLogin = "SELECT ID FROM $userTable WHERE
$userField='$PHP_AUTH_USER' AND
   $db = mysql_pconnect($dbHost, $dbUser, $dbPass);
   mysql_select_db($dbName, $db);
   $result = mysql_query($checkLogin, $db);
   $numrows = mysql_num_rows($result);
   $myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result);
   if ($numrows == 0) {
   } else {
     setcookie("UserID", $myrow["ID"]);
     $UserID = $myrow["ID"];


And here is my vars.php


$dbHost = "localhost";
$dbUser = "AdminUser";
$dbPass = "Password";
$dbName = "dbname";
$userTable = "Users";
$userField = "Username";
$passField = "Password";


Thanks in advance,




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