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auto news generator


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hi i want to make a script like http://www.greatdane.ru/eng/site/news/ and i dont have problem too add dogs but i want a auto news update after specific  change like the link


example : after add new dog or update dog or add image to a dog


the link tell exactly what i want but also it has a feature that group added dogs and send a news


any one have idea for make it?


it is also so similar to facebook profile that after user do something page will auto update like : user change his cover


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Sounds to me like you want someone to code this for you. Have a go yourself. Look into javascript ( you will need that ).



When you say "auto update" i take it you mean with no page refresh. This can be accomplished with xhr polling (not reccomended) or sockets. Either way I think those are out of reach and you should focus on the javascript side.

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i think my english so bad so sorry :D



i found what i want that is admin activity streams, they are adding dog, adding puppies, updating dogs or puppies, adding gallery


so what database design you suggest?


i hope purpose were told

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