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[CakePHP] Searching 'like' in two fields


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I have two fields in my users table: first_name & last_name


I want to be able search by name (first or last or first & last) to return a result


eg: lets say I have Joe Bloggs and Joe Jenkins


If I search 'Joe' i get both back (thats fine)

If I search 'Bloggs' I just get Joe Bloggs back (also fine)

But if I search 'Joe Bloggs' I dont get the correct results back, I guess because its looking firstly in first_name and then in last_name


This is my request for this search


$u = $this->User->find('all', array('conditions' => array(
								"OR" => array(
										'User.first_name LIKE ' => "%" . trim($input) . "%", 
										'User.last_name LIKE ' => "%" . trim($input) . "%", 
							) ));


I have an awful feeling this could get really complicated with exploding the input into arrays and nested requests?  Anyone have any ideas - especially ones that will keep it uncomplicated

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