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smf (With sessions)


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I created a logical structure for the usergroups, and the posts.  I have everything setup the way I need, there are different groups, and different groups have access to different part's of the forum's just like they wanted.  How can I take a user, already signed in, and log them into the forum based on that, and choose what school they are a member of in the forum based on what school they signed up for on the website, is there an easy way to do this.
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If anyone can help it would be appreciated.
I am still having the same problem, I was bumping because it was last week sometime.
I have the whole thing setup properly.
It's setup to where each school has 2 area's to post
for instance UPenn
it would have
2 boards
UPenn Easy A's
UPenn Hard Classes
or something, it would have 2, then there would be a usergroup called UPenn that only give's right's to that school.
Now I need a way to somehow when the character goes to teh site, there associated school is saved in a session, I need a way for the smf, to pick up that, and know what school they want to sign up under.
They can only see the forum posts related to that school, because that is the purpose, only 1 school per student, of course a student of that school.
All they need to signup to the forum by default is a username, email, and password, and there usergroup.
THe usergroup is the school, so I have that information, the username is the email I have that, the email is the email, I have that.  How do I make this work the way I want.
As for the schools' I am rewritting the setup for hte schools.
I decided I am going to have 1 post for each school, then have child forum's for it.
The main for general chat, and then the other 2.  I am not sure, but any advice on how to pass the information over to the forum so I can use that info to create the registration information automatically, and then always allow them to be logged in.
Even if it's creating a gateway.php page, that takes the information I have on them in session's and records it in the proper smf table within that database, then rig the forum to auto log them in when the session is set propery.  Or just authenticate the username/password to the smf database to make sure it's the same each itme, so ti know's they are authorized.
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Basically it's not working out.
I have 2 things I need to do and can't do either of them
1. When the person first registers for the "site" I need to be able to take the username, password, membergroup, and email over to the forum
2. When the person click's the link to go to the forum, it'll pass there id number or something and automatically log them into the forum or something.
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I discovered a way to pass the information on, to atleast automatically register them.  The only problem now, is that, I need to be able to automatically log them in, that's fine as well.  There is one problem though, I need to be able to set them up to the member group they are suppose to be in, how do I set there member group up during actual registration
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