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[Cakephp] Reverse engineer the cakephp model into a class diagram?


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It's not gonna help you much...  Cake's architecture is absolute garbage.


You've got Model, AppModel extends Model, your models extend AppModel.  Models can contain Behaviors, which automatically get set as class parameters when you "include" them (using Cake's proprietary config arrays), e.g. $this->MyBehavior.


You've got Controllers.  AppController extends base Controller, your controllers extend AppController.  Controllers can contain Models and Components, aain automatically set as class params when "included", e.g. $this->MyModel or $this->MyComponent.


Then you've got Views, which aren't really OO.  If you "include" $helpers in your Controller, they're available in your views, but as $helper->method().  If you set() params in your action, they're available in your views.  That's the limit of view functionality.


Good luck!

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