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SQLSRV - Retrieving output parameters from SP

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I'm having issues retrieving the output parameters from a stored procedure. My work around for now was to just end the stored procedure with a select like the following:


SELECT @out1 AS 'out1', @out2 as 'out2', @out3 as 'out3';


That works fine, but I don't understand why I wasn't able to get the output parameters. Take the procedure below for example (I simplified it for posting purposes).

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[test_procedure]
@out1 int OUTPUT,
@out2 int OUTPUT,
@out3 int OUTPUT

business logic that sets those 3 variables



The official examples I find do not use references while others do. Not sure what is correct in this case and there is confusion (definitely on my part) on which is correct.

$sql = '{call dbo.test_procedure(?, ?, ?)}';
$out1 = 0;
$out2 = 0;
$out3 = 0;
$stmt = sqlsrv_query($this->db->conn_id,$sql,array(
array(&$out1, SQLSRV_PARAM_OUT),
array(&$out2, SQLSRV_PARAM_OUT),
array(&$out3, SQLSRV_PARAM_OUT),


Those three variables will remain 0. I've tried without reference, specified SQLSRV_PHPTYPE_INT and SQLSRV_SQLTYPE_INT, to no avail.


Any thoughts on what I am missing? I'm using the sqlsrv drivers version 3.0.1, SQL Server 2008 R2, and PHP 5.4.3.

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