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Code for a Changeable Birthday Date


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Hi Everyone,

I am creating a signup form for a website. Within this form I have the following code:

<select id="date" name="birthdayday" value="">
						<option name="1" id="1" value="1">1</option>
						<option name="2" id="2" value="2">2</option>
						<option name="3" id="3" value="3">3</option>
						<option name="4" id="4" value="4">4</option>
						<option name="5" id="5" value="5">5</option>
						<option name="6" id="6" value="6">6</option>
						<option name="7" id="7" value="7">7</option>
						<option name="8" id="8" value="8">8</option>
						<option name="9" id="9" value="9">9</option>
						<option name="10" id="10" value="10">10</option>
						<option name="11" id="11" value="11">11</option>
						<option name="12" id="12" value="12">12</option>
						<option name="13" id="13" value="13">13</option>
						<option name="14" id="14" value="14">14</option>
						<option name="15" id="15" value="15">15</option>
						<option name="16" id="16" value="16">16</option>
						<option name="17" id="17" value="17">17</option>
						<option name="18" id="18" value="18">18</option>
						<option name="19" id="19" value="19">19</option>
						<option name="20" id="20" value="20">20</option>
						<option name="21" id="21" value="21">21</option>
						<option name="22" id="22" value="22">22</option>
						<option name="23" id="23" value="23">23</option>
						<option name="24" id="24" value="24">24</option>
						<option name="25" id="25" value="25">25</option>
						<option name="26" id="26" value="26">26</option>
						<option name="27" id="27" value="27">27</option>
						<option name="28" id="28" value="28">28</option>
						<option name="29" id="29" value="29">29</option>
						<option name="30" id="30" value="30">30</option>
						<option name="31" id="31" value="31">31</option>
					<select name="birthdaymonth">
						<option id="January" name="January" value="January">January</option>
						<option id="Febuary" name="Febuary" value="Febuary">Febuary</option>
						<option id="March" name="March" value="March">March</option>
						<option id="April" name="April" value="April">April</option>
						<option id="May" name="May" value="May">May</option>
						<option id="June" name="June" value="June">June</option>
						<option id="July" name="July" value="July">July</option>
						<option id="August" name="August" value="August">August</option>
						<option id="September" name="September" value="September">September</option>
						<option id="October" name="October" value="October">October</option>
						<option id="November" name="November" value="November">November</option>
						<option id="December" name="December" value="December">December</option>
					<select name="birthdayyear" selected="1996">
						<option name="1900" value="1900">1900</option>
						<option name="1901" value="1901">1901</option>
						<option name="1902" value="1902">1902</option>
						<option name="1903" value="1903">1903</option>
						<option name="1904" value="1904">1904</option>
						<option name="1905" value="1905">1905</option>
						<option name="1906" value="1906">1906</option>
						<option name="1907" value="1907">1907</option>
						<option name="1908" value="1908">1908</option>
						<option name="1909" value="1909">1909</option>
						<option name="1910" value="1910">1910</option>
						<option name="1911" value="1911">1911</option>
						<option name="1912" value="1912">1912</option>
						<option name="1913" value="1913">1913</option>
						<option name="1914" value="1914">1914</option>
						<option name="1915" value="1915">1915</option>
						<option name="1916" value="1916">1916</option>
						<option name="1917" value="1917">1917</option>
						<option name="1918" value="1918">1918</option>
						<option name="1919" value="1919">1919</option>
						<option name="1920" value="1920">1920</option>
						<option name="1921" value="1921">1921</option>
						<option name="1922" value="1922">1922</option>
						<option name="1923" value="1923">1923</option>
						<option name="1924" value="1924">1924</option>
						<option name="1925" value="1925">1925</option>
						<option name="1926" value="1926">1926</option>
						<option name="1927" value="1927">1927</option>
						<option name="1928" value="1928">1928</option>
						<option name="1929" value="1929">1929</option>
						<option name="1930" value="1930">1930</option>
						<option name="1931" value="1931">1931</option>
						<option name="1932" value="1932">1932</option>
						<option name="1933" value="1933">1933</option>
						<option name="1934" value="1934">1934</option>
						<option name="1935" value="1935">1935</option>
						<option name="1936" value="1936">1936</option>
						<option name="1937" value="1937">1937</option>
						<option name="1938" value="1938">1938</option>
						<option name="1939" value="1939">1939</option>
						<option name="1940" value="1940">1940</option>
						<option name="1941" value="1941">1941</option>
						<option name="1942" value="1942">1942</option>
						<option name="1943" value="1943">1943</option>
						<option name="1944" value="1944">1944</option>
						<option name="1945" value="1945">1945</option>
						<option name="1946" value="1946">1946</option>
						<option name="1947" value="1947">1947</option>
						<option name="1948" value="1948">1948</option>
						<option name="1949" value="1949">1949</option>
						<option name="1950" value="1950">1950</option>
						<option name="1951" value="1951">1951</option>
						<option name="1952" value="1952">1952</option>
						<option name="1953" value="1953">1953</option>
						<option name="1954" value="1954">1954</option>
						<option name="1955" value="1955">1955</option>
						<option name="1956" value="1956">1956</option>
						<option name="1957" value="1957">1957</option>
						<option name="1958" value="1958">1958</option>
						<option name="1959" value="1959">1959</option>
						<option name="1960" value="1960">1960</option>
						<option name="1961" value="1961">1961</option>
						<option name="1962" value="1962">1962</option>
						<option name="1963" value="1963">1963</option>
						<option name="1964" value="1964">1964</option>
						<option name="1965" value="1965">1965</option>
						<option name="1966" value="1966">1966</option>
						<option name="1967" value="1967">1967</option>
						<option name="1968" value="1968">1968</option>
						<option name="1969" value="1969">1969</option>
						<option name="1970" value="1970">1970</option>
						<option name="1971" value="1971">1971</option>
						<option name="1972" value="1972">1972</option>
						<option name="1973" value="1973">1973</option>
						<option name="1974" value="1974">1974</option>
						<option name="1975" value="1975">1975</option>
						<option name="1976" value="1976">1976</option>
						<option name="1977" value="1977">1977</option>
						<option name="1978" value="1978">1978</option>
						<option name="1979" value="1979">1979</option>
						<option name="1980" value="1980">1980</option>
						<option name="1981" value="1981">1981</option>
						<option name="1982" value="1982">1982</option>
						<option name="1983" value="1983">1983</option>
						<option name="1984" value="1984">1984</option>
						<option name="1985" value="1985">1985</option>
						<option name="1986" value="1986">1986</option>
						<option name="1987" value="1987">1987</option>
						<option name="1988" value="1988">1988</option>
						<option name="1989" value="1989">1989</option>
						<option name="1990" value="1990">1990</option>
						<option name="1991" value="1991">1991</option>
						<option name="1992" value="1992">1992</option>
						<option name="1993" value="1993">1993</option>
						<option name="1994" value="1994">1994</option>
						<option name="1995" value="1995">1995</option>
						<option name="1996" value="1996">1996</option>
						<option name="1997" value="1997">1997</option>
						<option name="1998" value="1998">1998</option>
						<option name="1999" value="1999">1999</option>
						<option name="2000" value="2000">2000</option>
						<option name="2001" value="2001">2001</option>
						<option name="2002" value="2002">2002</option>
						<option name="2003" value="2003">2003</option>
						<option name="2004" value="2004">2004</option>
						<option name="2005" value="2005">2005</option>
						<option name="2006" value="2006">2006</option>
						<option name="2007" value="2007">2007</option>
						<option name="2008" value="2008">2008</option>
						<option name="2009" value="2009">2009</option>
						<option name="2010" value="2010">2010</option>
						<option name="2011" value="2011">2011</option>
						<option name="2012" value="2012">2012</option>


This code is then posted to a script called signup.php. In this script though, as you have probably noticed, I could submit my birthday as the 31st of February - Which is not a valid date.


For this I am hoping to have both a java script solution to change the days according to the month (example: facebook.com - signup page). I would also like to have a php option in case they have disabled java script. I am also open to solutions in other languages (though it might take a bit more explaining for me to understand).


Thanks for reading and also a big thanks to anyone who can help me out,


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And while you're at it, you could drastically reduce the typing for those select fields using for() loops and arrays/foreach() loops.


// build day field
$curday = date('d');
echo "<select name=\"day\">\n";
for( $i = 1; $i < 32; $i++ ) {
   $sel = $curday == $i ? $sel = 'selected="selected"' : '';
   echo "<option value=\"$i\" $sel>$i</option>\n";
echo "</select>\n\n";

// build month field
$month = array( 1 => 'january', 'february', 'march', 'april', 'may', 'june', 'july', 'august', 'september', 'october', 'november', 'december'); // display format is set when value is echoed
$curmonth = date('m');
echo "<select name=\"month\">\n";
foreach( $month as $k => $v ) {
   $sel = $k == $curmonth ? 'selected="selected"' : '';
   echo "<option value=\"$k\" $sel>" . ucfirst(substr($v, 0, 3)) . "</option>\n"; // Display format is set in this line using ucfirst and substr . . .
echo "</select>\n\n";

// build year field
$curyear = date('Y');
$yr_begin = $curyear - 100; // starts list from 100 years ago
$yr_end = $curyear + 0; // ends list at current year
echo "<select name=\"year\">\n";
for( $i = $yr_end; $i >= $yr_begin; $i-- ) {
   $sel = $i == $curyear ? 'selected="selected"' : '';
   echo "<option value=\"$i\" $sel>$i</option>\n";
echo "</select>\n\n";


About all you'd need to do is modify the fields to include the id= attribute, and change their name= attributes.

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Hi Pikachu2000 and Psycho,


Thank you for your responses.

Psycho: I do not understand how I would use the check date function to make this work more efficiently and change the day according to the month. If you are willing could you please explain and expand on what you mean? Thankyou :)


Pikachu 2000:

Would this code automatically update according to which month has been selected? Also could you explain a bit further into how it works and where about I would be putting/integrating this.


Thanks heaps,



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You can call this function from your month menu, and year menu.


function generateBirthDayMenu($month,$year){
$month_array1=array("April", "June", "September", "November");
$month_array2=array("January", "March", "May", "July", "August", "October", "December");

if($month=="February" && ($year % 4) ==0 && (($year % 100) !=0 || ($year % 400) ==0)){
array_push($day_array, "29");
array_push($day_array, "29", "30", "31");


foreach($month_array1 as $month_value){
array_push($day_array, "29", "30");

foreach($month_array2 as $month_value){
array_push($day_array, "29", "30", "31");

foreach($day_array as $day_item){
$day.='<option value="'.$day_item.'"'; if(isset($_SESSION['birthday_day']) && $_SESSION['birthday_day']==$day_item){ $day.=' selected="selected"'; } $day.='>'.$day_item.'</option>'."\n";

return $day;


You need to use AJAX, and send the values of the month and year selected with a onclick change in your year and month select menus.


For example the month drop down would need to have this added to the select tag:



The year menu would have to have this added to the select tag:






This is the page I use for my ajax call.


require_once 'function.php';

if(!isset($month) || (isset($_GET['month']) && $_GET['month']!=$month)){

if(!isset($year) || (isset($_GET['year']) && $_GET['year']!=$year0)){


echo "<select name=\"day\">


You may or may not want to remove the sessions.

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Psycho: I do not understand how I would use the check date function to make this work more efficiently and change the day according to the month. If you are willing could you please explain and expand on what you mean? Thankyou :)


This is the PHP forum, thus I provided a PHP solution to do the server-side validation of the date. If you want the client-side solution for dynamically changing the date options, then post that request in the JavaScript forum.

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Thanks for the Post Pikachu 2000, I have not yet tested it yet - I will get back to you :).


Psycho, I did not mean could you give a java script solution, I was hoping you would be able to explain some more about the checkdate() function that you had given. Sorry if this is any inconvenience. If so please just ignore.



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Thanks for the Post Pikachu 2000, I have not yet tested it yet - I will get back to you :).


Psycho, I did not mean could you give a java script solution, I was hoping you would be able to explain some more about the checkdate() function that you had given. Sorry if this is any inconvenience. If so please just ignore.


The checkdate() function is a built-in PHP function. I provided a link to the documentation for that function that explains what it does, what parameters it takes, the possible return values and even provides a couple examples of how to use it. I'm not sure I could do as complete a job of explaining it in this type of venue than the manual already provides. If there is something you don't understand about the documentation, then by all means ask that question and we will attempt to help. But, you have to be an active participant in the process.

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