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mark s

Wrong Results...

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I'm a noobie working with mysql.


I'm running the following code on my database,

its to hopefully show results that are.


Basically New listings, but if today has past not to be listed.

1. So New listings no older than 14 days.

2. If the New listing is older than today dont show.


cal -stamp = Date Entered.

cal_event = Event date


In laymans terms i'm trying to result a query like this,


Find all (cal-stamp) records that are not older than 14days

BUT...... out of those results,

if (cal_event) is older than today then dont show.


$query =( "SELECT 'cal_stamp' ,`cal_event` , `cal_cat` , `cal_desc` , `cal_link`
FROM `calendar` 
WHERE `cal_stamp` <= '$days14'
AND `cal_event`  >= '$today'
ORDER BY `cal_event` ASC ");


I found this snipit to work the date + 14days

and the todays date.

(they do run in my code above my sql and seem to be doing the job.

$days14 = strftime ("%Y-%m-%d", strtotime("+14 day"));
$today= strftime ("%Y-%m-%d");


Can anyone help?


i need to resolve the between dates i think?


Help or guidence apreciated thanks mark.

Thanks Mark.

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Now i realise that my 14 days isnt doing as I expected?


Yes its listing all the cal_stamp dates and beond todays date :(

I dont want it listing when today passes.


I need to hook up on some kind of a date range ?


Is there a sql way to do this?


I havent had any luck with





any help?

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More info can be found here, Click Me


Still tring to resolve the problem.




Moderators feel free to close this topic.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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