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Good Day! I'm starting to learn postgresql using php and right now I'm stuck being a newbie I have limitted understanding if my query is right. I'm trying to copy all from table1(columnA) and paste all on table2(columnA) using pgadmin iii. I noticed that this cannot be done or I really dont know what I'm doing. so I tried insert into query 


INSERT INTO table2(columnA, columnB) VALUES (table1.columnA, table2.columnB)


I then follow this with my php code:


$sql ="SELECT * FROM table1";

$result = pg_query($dbconn, $sql);

while($row =pg_fetch_array($result)){



$sql2="INSERT INTO table2(columnA, columnB) VALUES ($row[columnA], $row[columnB])";




echo $row[columnA]."<br>";

        echo $row[columnB]."<br>";



unfortunately I'm not getting results or error. the last error I got is pg_query is not good resource for postgresql. can anyone shed light cuz I'm pulling my hair for days now. thanks in advance.




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