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Help with "contact form" editing


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Hey guys, quick note about what I am trying to do. I am trying to create a form geared at streamlining an email. Basically I need to fill out a few fields and when I submit the form, the email goes to the email that I inserted into the "email to" block, and is "from" my email.


I am pretty good with html/css and can get a standard form off the ground. The problem I am running into is most forms are meant to be "contact" forms, so the email from is whats different whereas I need to input the email "to" and for that to be dynamic. Ive been messing around and separating email from and to is confusing within the php.


I have basically 5 "standard" emails, so Im also trying to add functionality whereas the "comment" or email body is based off 1 of 5 predetermined emails, and the email itself would need to contain some of the info within the form as well, like Greetings <name>. Thanks for your help on <date> Unfortunately blah blah blah...


Do you guys have any advice on this or recommendations?

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