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repeat regions and multiselect lists

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I am a new user to Dreamweaver and I saw that it is possible to generate a repeat region in a table based on results from a MySQL query. Does anyone know if it is possible (and if so, how to go about) populating a table with repeations regions from the selections made in a multiselect list object on the same page as the table with the repeating regions?


What I have in mind is a select list with the multiple option chosen which is populated with items from a MySQL query. I then would have a button called "Add" which would access whatever options in the select list where selected when the button was clicked. This button would use the values of the selected options to populate the a table on the same page (dynamically). It would add the same number of rows to the table as items selected from the multiselect list.


It is almost like a shopping cart type interface but I want to do all of this on the same page and not have the items populating the "shopping cart" come from the database directly but from the multiselect list.


I would also like to be able to add a delete button to remove items from the "shopping cart" but that is another issue. I want to see if this first issue (using repeat regions with mutliselect lists) is possible.


Any suggestions?




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