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Newbie questions

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I am fairly new to mysql and databases in general. So far I have installed mysql and made a couple of tables ect. I have the following questions:


1. Do most people use a graphical front end when designing their data bases or do they use the console? If graphical, which one? I am thinking of buying Navicat. Would this be the best one?


2. I am designing my data base locally and dont have a host yet. When i do get a host that supports mysql, is it just a matter of uploading my table files or do i have to start a new database on the server and somehow import my tables?


3. What are the best online tutorials or offline books to learn how to become a good db programmer?


Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks :)

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I am trying to figure out the best way of putting my db onto the server. If I find out anythign I will let you know.


The best GUI tool I have come across so far is:



This makes using mySQL a breeze, there is a free version and an enterprise version.


Check it out.

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