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Feed back on usability

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I am still unaware what your website is about,

"Drink to the Credits is a user generated list of movie drinking games, seeking to have the largest list of movie drinking games. ".

May have a simpler and more accurate description at the top of the page.

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I haven't looked at the site but that sentence seems to be a great description of a site. It's a site full of drinking games, specifically ones to be played while watching movies....

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I feel like I've critiqued this site before, but couldn't find it when looking through the topics of the last few months.


That said, I'm not a fan.  It's just amateurish across the board:


All of the useful stuff is jammed together at the top of the screen.  It's like a stack of pancakes, which is great for breakfast, but not for a website.  Unaltered hyperlinks, stacked on top of a search box (which is jammed next to its accompanying button), stacked on top of a boring image that looks like text on top of a photo found on Google Image Search, stacked on top of bold hyperlinks, stacked on top of login (also jammed together), stacked on top of a register link is just bad.  There's no other way to describe it.  You waste a lot of vertical space, and hardly use the horizontal.  You need to strike a balance.  Modern monitors are wider than they are tall.  You have a ton of horizontal real estate that's sitting there, unused.


So, some suggestions with all that:


Move the login/register stuff to its own location.


Create a proper header.  Your little image does nothing to break up the sea of yellow it sits in.  You need something to create separation between your site name and navigation, and the rest of it, and more empty space is not the answer.


Padding, padding, padding.  Elements need to breathe.  Especially if they're on the same line.


Think about your navigation.  Do you want the alphabet to be visible on every page?  Why are those links more visible than the top-level links?  Element placement and size denote importance, so be absolutely clear with what you're trying to do.


Other stuff:


Are you sure you want your background to be yellow?  I'm guessing that it (and the darker box on the right) are supposed to imply beer.  Maybe it's just me, as a non-drinker, but when I see those colors I think of urine, illness, and get just an overall queasy/sick vibe from it.




Okay, so all that said, it's not the worst site I've seen.  It's just very amateurish, and needs a fair amount of work to be pleasing to look at/use.  If you're looking for the site to become a thing, you'll need to work on it some more.

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Your feed back is just what I have been looking for. When this site first started out it was to be simple, then as all things do it got complex. I'm getting ready to do a overhaul of the whole thing and these are going into my suggestion box, most to be used.


Thank you.

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