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Looking for simple news script


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Hello guys,


thanks for viewing my first post here. I am new on php, started to learn it. Well,  I am looking for simple news script. All I found till now are a bit complex for me. I need to understand first how this script work. All I need is for example:


Todays news

1. News one - 08/07/2012

2. News two - 08/07/2012

Old news

1. news one - 07/07/2012

2. news two - 06/07/2012


Well, the script which automatically moves news to the archive (old news table on database) at the end of the day. I would like to fin such script and with comments, to understand how the things are working.


Thanks in advance

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Think about it logically, how does this script work and what do you need?


To add news you need a page, with a text input for subject, a text area for content in a form with a submit button, this links up to a php script which then in return takes those values from the previous form, and puts them in the database.


You need a page which displays news, this will contain a looper that gets all news out the database and displays it.


You need a script on cron job (timed on the server) so that the script will run at a specific time every day (to move news to old news)


And from there you can start building more exciting features like editing and deleting news etc :) a fancy text area maybe?

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