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This is probably a really dumb question.


I need to make an image link, that's part of a bigger image, a diagonal link. What do you think is the best way to do this? Image map? Or is there a better way?


Incidentally I'm reluctant to use css transform because the site needs to cater for at least IE7-IE8 and this is just intended to be a temporary holding page so don't want to create multiple style sheets etc.


Any suggested techniques would be welcome :)



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HTML doesn't really do diagonals. I did this recently on a site, where the image was split diagonally with the top-left linking being one link, and the bottom-right being another. To make it work, I create canvas elements on the fly, masking half the image, then I looped through each pixel to see if it was transparent or not, storing the value in an array. Then, as the image was hovered over, I checked to see if the current pixel was transparent or not, and if it was, it was one half the image, if it wasn't it was the other half. I then had to use javascript to fire the link for this. As well, since IE6-8 do not support canvas, I had to use VML to create the same effect for these browsers.


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