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What IDE/editor themes do you use?


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I figured it would be fun to see what themes everyone uses with their favorite IDE(s)/editor(s).  Maybe it will inspire people to try a new one, or make their own, or whatever.


For PhpStorm, I use Friends of Symfony: http://phpstorm-themes.com/theme/friends-of-symfony/


For Visual Studio, I use Dark Bliss: http://studiostyl.es/schemes/dark-bliss

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I just manually set my crappy old version of Zend up with some colors that I liked . . . In vi I use a custom .vimrc file with:

set term=builtin_ansi
syntax on
set ruler
set ai
filetype plugin on
hi Comment ctermfg=cyan ctermbg=black

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... default.


I keep my second monitor at a much lower brightness, and I prefer a brighter work environment so the contrast of black/white doesn't bug me much. Sometimes I change the font?  :shrug:


I've never liked the light-on-dark themes, but I'm sure they're much easier on the eyes. I should probably force myself to get used to them just for health reasons... the Dark Bliss looks very nice.

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but I'm sure they're much easier on the eyes. I should probably force myself to get used to them just for health reasons... the Dark Bliss looks very nice.

I disagree, but I also like working in a well lit room vs in darkness.


I rarely change any coloring from my editors (mainly use Netbeans / Notepad++)

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Even in well-lit rooms, I've felt a bit of eye strain recently with light/white backgrounds, so I've been changing everything I can to the reverse.


Straight white on black hurts my brain way more than black on white, but when the contrast is lowered, this changes quite a bit.


I did a little more reading (slow day here) and it seems there's a lack of study for prolonged exposure. Most of what I've read comes to this rough agreement:

Bright room - dark on light better.

Dark room - light on dark better.


I've always preferred a bright working environment, so it probably explains why I've never bothered with the dark schemes. IMO, it's pretty much poh-tay-toh-puh-tat-oh. If one's causing strain, try the other one.


Kevin - I think you need to lose the sunglasses when you're outside. Your eyes are starting to wuss out on you ;)

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I just use Edit+ and afaik it doesn't really have theme's per-say.  You can go in and change the colors but I don't.  I used to be a fan of the reverse setups with a dark background and light text but for the last 5 years or so I've just kept it default with a white background.  It doesn't seem to bother me anymore like it used it.  Maybe because I tend to work in more well light rooms now than when I was a kid, I dunno.


On a somewhat related/interesting note, back in the windows 95/98 days I would go into the system and change the default window background color from white to a slighly darker gray color.  Ran into a few cases where it would cause some applications to be hard to use because they authors must have assumed that the default background color would always be white.  I remember the home page for Yahoo looked kinda funny because they did not explicitly set a page background color and Netscape used the system's default window background color in those instances so it was a gray background for me.  Rather than use GIF images and transparency they used JPEG images with a white background, probably to get better anti-aliasing effects I suppose.  Didn't come out right on my end though heh.

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I would have to actually check. I switch so many times between color themes I lost count.. Even sometimes in one editing session (CTRL+~ to switch themes in PhpStorm). I use PhpStorm like Kevin and their color themes... SUCK !


And they don't allow me to color certain keywords different, so I also regularly switch editors too (netbeans, PDT, notepad++, ace, sublime text 2, ..). But since I use it at work and it has all the features I need/want.. and there is no other editor like it, I always end up back with PhpStorm.


But I would switch in a flash for another editor that has all the features I need AND allows me to color certain keywords differently.

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I've tried many times to use Zend, Eclipse, PhpStorm, but I find that java based editors are extremely heavy and slow - especially when working on remote systems.  Even sublime text is retardedly slow in my experience this way.  Even though it doesn't have the best folding / scaffolding capbilities and doesn't highlight / fold HTML5, BlueFish has been the best editor i've used.


In regards to the whole light vs dark argument, I'm voting with the anti-vampires on this one.  I hate sitting in the dark and I absolutely abhor darkly themed sites / programs.  I'm glad as hell to see a huge surge in the blue/gray/white schemes being used everywhere lately as opposed to the black sites that were the fad before it.

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It's not as feature-rich as the java based editors. but it's very light, cross platform (works best on Linux), and quick. I work primarily on the server-side and opening / saving files is about as quick as it is locally.  If you don't have 2.2.3 in your repos i have a x64 deb if you need.

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I use Eclipse on a daily basis with the default theme, slowness/lag is rare for me.  They have some nice plugins especially for things like sftp, subversion, remote debugging etc.

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Ever since I came across NotePad++, i never used any other,


It is fast, updated regularly, language support of almost all languages with a user defined language support


It does miss auto-suggest, but i rarely used it anyway, its like flow of fingers on keys, hitting enter when I am not supposed to (as in case of selecting auto suggested word), just breaks the flow ... i know its just me.. lolzz 

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