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I'm loosing my mind...


I've now installed php 5 with the windows installer and I've installed it manually. I've read several FAQs on this and I believe I've done everything correctly.

Statements I'd like to make:

1)I believe that PHP is not working on my IIS because I can't get a test page to work.

2)IIS localhost page works fine.

3)Following steps in the install have been taken:

a)I have added test.php to the C:\Inetpub\wwwroot dir.

b)to my knowledge there is no admin. or special privileges that IIS has not been granted to give php access. My hunch is, some access to PHP is in fact not being granted.

c)I have added php to my path feature in control panel>system

d)I have adjusted in IIS to look at PHP as a php-cgi and php5isapi.dll.


4)Here are the sites I have been to regarding my install of php onto my XP machine:





1)Even if I am not getting the test page to work, is my php working or can it work and I just not know?

2)I'm looking to run mambo and simply want to get php to work, so does it matter if I config. php to be php-cgi or php5isapi.dll?

3)What am I missing or not checking with php, or better yet, where did I go wrong?

4)I'm not clear how I could check for errors, but I don't think I'm getting any.


Thanks so much for any help, this is probably some bone headed mistake, but I can't move fwd until I get php running.



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If you are using iis 6+ you have to allow php to run on the server otherwise you get nothing.


open your IIS, click on your server and you should see "Web server Extensions"


add a new extension and include php.exe and the dll file you wish to use. Than make sure you check off "allow"


Let me know



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