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complex php


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Jump into an open source PHP project.  Say you start out doing documentation for Codeigniter or CakePHP.  Then you dig into the internals and find out more about OOP and such.  The maintainers of those projects are a great opportunity to learn more from and you'll be working on maintaining and developing a framework, hardly something that's "simple".

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Yeah, that's really the question here.


You need to figure out which areas of PHP (or programming in general) you are weak in, and then research those specific topics.


When you're new to any language, not knowing what you don't know that can be useful to the endeavor is one of the hardest parts.  From there, it's just googling those topics.  To that end, i think surrogategod's suggestion is a valid one.  Getting open-source frameworks / applications, playing with it, and extending it is how I learned what i know ( supplemented with shit loads of google and these boards, ofc )

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What do you consider 'complex'?




Man, my math is rusty.  Is that complex or imaginary?


Complex, the "i" is the imaginary part. A complex number just consists of a real and imaginary number, the real part being 1 in this case, and the imaginary part being i. It's pretty simple, actually.

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