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Need advice on having a good url and page title


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Hello guys need some advice on having a good url and page title for public pages.


This is of course for SEO purposes.


I don't want want my visitors to see a pages w/out and page tile and having a url link like





I wonder if I needed to put another column on the table that will serve as the title or just use the page name column and category name column?



I wonder how you guys doing it? any ideas?

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page name works but certain characters might mess things up, so a page name might be johnny's gallery you want to have another colum called pagelink (or whatever you want to call it) and replace out the characters to become johnnys_gallery

Also remember to escape that ' in johnny's gallery.

Also remember to make sure no two links are the same, so add a random number at the end if a link already exists, and make sure that one doesn't exist too etc.

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you simply make the title seo friendly so you dont have to worry about adding additional fields


Problem is where will I get those that I will put on the title if I will not add another fields? Aside of course from the domain itself. As much as possible I want php to handle the title..

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if you use php to change the page title to a url safe equivilent, you will need to store is somewhere or how else will you look it up?, you cannot second guess where you have removed apostrophe from in a page title to make it url safe.


you need an extra column in the database, also also need to check on insert/update that it is unique, so that you dont get 2 pages with the same url

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