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user's password retrieval


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I have my user's password saved in the database using sha1 so base on my research, it's hard to decode it and there's no way I can show to my users the actual password they have saved once they use my feature "forget password" which will be sent via e-mail.


I wonder if is it safe to put the user's ID and sha1 password in the url? The link will be sent via e-mail as what I have said and once they click it, it will be verified via $_GET and then post a new form which will give them an option to put a new password.. I wonder if this will work or there's a security issue on this?


Or do you guys have any approach on this?



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Reset the users password to something you know and send them that.


thorpe that was  really a great and simple solution though I wonder where will I get that password? as much as possible I want everything to be automated in php. Will I put a default password value for resetting a password or there will be a list of password? Because if there was a list or a default value? Do you think it is very vulnerable for some kind of sabotaging my website?

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Once the pw is hashed you can say it's impossible for joe average, AKA people like you and me, to get the pawword out. I know sites that can email you your password when you foregt it, not email you a new password.


I would guess they have another table with the password in it, I would also guess they don't put it in the members table.

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