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MYSQLI and bind result


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Hi Guys!


Quick question on mysqli and bind_result (been using pdo a lot and mysqli seems a wee bit different which is throwing me).


When you bind the results of a query, what is the best way to get a multidimensional array from the result?


I have played about and got the below to work - but i just know there has to be a better way than that!


I woudl appreciate some enlightenment if you please :)



$db = new mysqli("localhost", "root", "", "testingcsv");

// check errors

	echo mysqli_connect_error();


$var = 34;

$query = $db->prepare("SELECT name, address, town FROM datastuff WHERE id=?");
$query->bind_param('i', $var);


$query->bind_result($name, $address, $town);

$myarray = array(); // to store results
$i = 0; 


	$myarray[$i][] = $name;
	$myarray[$i][]= $address;
	$myarray[$i][] = $town;
echo "<pre>";

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Since you are using a prepared statement, in general, you would need to do it the way you came up with. I would form an array with keys/values and do this all in one simple statement - $myarray[] = array('name'=>$name,'address'=>$address,'town'=>$town);.


If you have php5.3+ and are using the mysqlnd driver, you can convert the result from a prepared statement into a mysqli result set using - http://php.net/manual/en/mysqli-stmt.get-result.php This will allow you to use traditional mysqli fetch statements to iterate over the result set.



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Hi Guys


Thanks for your replies to this post. Just have a couple of questions (humour me as i am still getting to grips with prepared mysqli statements).


1) Generally speaking in what scenario would you want to use bind_result? I assumed from the examples that it was simply what was done - from following examples.


2) Christian suggested above that instead of using bind result I should use mysqli_stmt::fetch. But in the context of a prepared statement, like the example below, how would I use that method?



        $var = 34;	
$query = $db->prepare("SELECT name, address, town FROM datastuff WHERE id=?");
$query->bind_param('i', $var);


Where would I go from here to use mysqli_stmt_fetch? My confusion is really around the fact that with a prepared statement you're not using somehting like:


$result = $mysqli->query($query);



Sorry if these questions seem a little vacuous...just trying to get to grips with it.





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bind_result and  mysqli_stmt::fetch are used with prepared statements.


He suggested using mysqli::fetch_array (no stmt in it), which isn't used with prepared statements. It's used with non-prepared statements that are executed via $mysqli->query().

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