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What is wrong with my account?


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If you look around, you'll see that the occasional foul or offensive word isn't a problem here. But you didn't just use an offensive word, you used it in a direct, unprovoked, personal attack on another user. That isn't something we are prepared to tolerate. The warning message stated that your posts would be moderated for a period of time, and that approval would be required before the posts would be visible. None of the staff here is paid or required to be here to approve posts, or perform any other functions.

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I posted a question on this site, and It says ( Awaiting approval )


I did comments just one offensive word, and I got warning but, still awaiting approval? why?


You flamed someone who has been helping this board for months for no reason.




all your posts are prob set to waiting moderation,.


maybe if you continue to not flame in the future they might remove it.


good luck !

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