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I Am Trying To Install A Script I Purchased And I Keep Receiving I Think A Savant3 Error Message, Please Help.


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Hello guys Im new to this forum.


I have been trying to install a script I recently purchased and I am receiving the same error message on 2 servers I am testing the script on.


They are the same error messages on both servers.


The error messages are:


Warning: include(//include/templateEngine/Savant3.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /srv/disk11/1151584/www/qatesting.atwebpages.com/include/configs/config_templates.php on line 4


Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening '//include/templateEngine/Savant3.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/local/php5/share/pear') in /srv/disk11/1151584/www/qatesting.atwebpages.com/include/configs/config_templates.php on line 4


Fatal error: Class 'Savant3' not found in /srv/disk11/1151584/www/qatesting.atwebpages.com/include/configs/config_templates.php on line 7


Ive googled and researched this issue and so far all I can think about is compatible issues with the Savant3.


The datebase is created successfully but once I get to the part where it says please uninstall the install folder and continue instead showing th index page like its supposed to I recieve the error that are ABOVE.


Ive followed the directions for installing the script which are the following and I still receive the error message:


1. Upload all files in the "Upload" folder to your server

2. Create a MYSQL database for your site through your hosting CP

3. CHMOD 0777 (write) ./include/configs folder

4. CHMOD 0777 (write) ./include/configs/config_mysql.php

6. Run the installer located at www.yourdomain.com/install

7. CHMOD 0750 the following files: cgi-bin/upload.cgi

7.1 If you experience flength issues, try with 0755 on upload.cgi

8. CHMOD 0644 (no write) ./include/configs folder

9. CHMOD 0644 (no write) ./include/configs/config_mysql.php

10. CHMOD 0777 (write) /uploads/


Guys do you have any idea why I keep receiving this error over and over again.


I really apreciate your time and I will wait for a reply, thank you.

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The path it is referencing in the include is trying to find the file from the root directory, which is wrong. This could be due either to a problem with the code or a problem with something you entered during the install process. We can't really say with the info given.


Did it ask you at all during the installation process to enter a path to a file or directory?

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Your entry for Server Path is wrong. It needs to be the location of your document root. I am guessing this is going to be /srv/disk11/1151584/www/qatesting.atwebpages.com but you could upload a script with <?php var_dump($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']);?> in it to check.


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Thank you kicken.


I just got a response from my server and they say:




Thank you for contacting us.


cURL requires enabled outgoing server connections.

Due to the high amount of abuse and increased security needs we have disabled by default all outgoing connections for free user accounts.


Allowed outgoing connections are only available for paid accounts, you need to upgrade to a paid account in order to use it.


Feel free to reopen this ticket in case you have more questions or you need further assistance. Thank you for choosing our services.


Best regards,

Chris Wayne

Dedicated Support Team



What do your guys think about the response?

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