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SOUNDEX search engine - how to do it ?

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Hi there!


i'm relative new to mysql, and I'm trying the first time to realize a search engine with soundex-support (to find similar sounding words)


But I'm stuck...my problem:


I got a table with firms/concerns.


It looks like this (not exactly...):


id | companyname | adress | description | search_words ....



My problem:

The search_words - fields contains some words like "car engine tires leatherseats tuning", perhaps some more.


Is there any way to search the search_words field with soundex, or must i create another table with search_words, where every word has its own entry ?

(I guess I need to do this, but before I do i wanted to ask you if there's another/better way to do this.)


thx in advance,

greets ben

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