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Convert Bytearray Into Video In Php


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Hello Everyone,


I am stuck in a task to change byteArray to Video in php. I am creating a webservice in php. This service will receive video in byteArray format from iphone and need to convert it back to original video. I mean, webservice will receive byte array from POST. I could not find any way of converting byteArray into video. byteArray datatype does not seem to be supported by php.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Christian F.


I had a discussion with my friend about it, who is working in .NET technology:


Piyush: how do you convert byte array to video?

Piyush: what are the steps involved?

Shashank Awasthy: use the binary stream to read the byte array and then convert to video in C#

Shashank Awasthy: made a file from stream

Piyush: while writing to file, do you make any changes in encoding or write it as it is?

Shashank Awasthy: i just provide the byte array to stream reader and then convert the stream to file

Piyush: Ok


Is this helpful in any way? I do not have any experience with it in php and also I have no knowledge of C#.

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It sounds like you'd just get the raw binary data so all you'd do is read in that data from wherever you need to and then write it out to a file (using file_put_contents for example). If it's a web service I'm guessing you'd get the data either as a $_POST variable, $_FILES upload, or $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA.

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Hi Kicken,


Thanks for your response. I already have tested with file_put_contents, but it does not seem to be working. I tried to convert a byte array file into video, but did not work. That is the file made by Iphone team from a video. I tried to convert it for testing purpose. So, if that file is not convertable, then data in post will not be converted, I think.


Is there any difference b/w data in post or data in a file? I could not send you the file because it's size is 1 mb. I can email you if I can get your email id.


Awaiting your response.

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