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Php Calculation Decimal Format


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Hello Everyone,


Haven't been here in a while. This looks new and cool!


Anyway, I have PHP output an array of numbers as an average and that worked fine. I got the number -.0111523. Which is exactly what I want. They only problem is that I need the number to look like this -.011. I tried to use the number format command, but that did not work. Just slapped a couple of zeros onto the end.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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$avg = "SELECT AVG(era) FROM $table";
$avgquery = mysql_query($avg, $connection);
while($avgrow = mysql_fetch_array($avgquery)) {
$avgera = $avgrow['AVG(era)'];
echo number_format(decimals($avgera), 3, ".", ",");


Gives me -.0111523.00


decimals is a function that uses str_replace to strip the zero from the front of the decimal number.

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number_format does what you want, but it puts a 0 before the decimal.


If you wish to remove it, you should wrap your decimals() function AROUND the number_format function. Functions in programming languages are called inside-out, the innermost ones are resolved first.



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