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How To Protect Data In Mysql From Peskey Users ?


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HI - I work in a small company where I am solely responsible for all IT developments / infrastructure. My s/w is pretty solid, however I am a couple of "educated users" who insist on going into the database with their own downloaded reporting tools and pulling data out of MySql. Then of course something breaks and I have to clean up their mess. Politics prevents me from shutting them out of the systems entirely however, in the name of "security" I could do something to either prevent a connection, or obfuscate the data or something ... but I don't know what woudl be the best technical approach. Dealing with it through meetings and conversation etc has not had any effect.


I need a technical solution.


Many thanks for your suggestions !

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Like Jessica said, change the root password and give them user accounts with limited privileges.


Also, if you're solely responsible for your company's IT, then you're the one with power/leverage. Have a cordial, but firm, talk with your boss, and explain that the monkeys are making it harder for you to do your job. Their unfettered access forces you to waste time (which is money) cleaning up after them, and presents a danger to the data itself.

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vincej if you really can't remove their access to the server which would be my prefered solution then one option would be to give them access to a low end server that has the data duplicated over to it on a scheduled basis, let them run wild on that instead of the primary server. I don't like the idea of giving them even just the ability to run selects on the primary server, one wrong query and the cpu can spike and halt everything.

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