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What does this error mean???

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I am still in the early steps of setting up a forum. I am trying to get MySQL set up and running right. I just set the root and password and then I typed \'mysqladmin -u root reload\' which took me gack to the prompt. Then I typed in \'mysqladmin -u root -p status\' to check the pass. Then I put in the pass when it askes me, and get this error.


mysqladmin: connect to server at \'localhost\' failed

error: \'Access denied for user: \'root@\' <Using Password: YES>\'


Then it takes me back to the prompt. I am verry new to all of this so I have no idea what that error means that I need to do.

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Well I have just figured out why it was saying that \'Access denied\' thingy. The password that I am trying to set it to is not taking. I am using the \'mysqladmin -u root password XXXXXXX\' command. Is that not the one to use? Or is there a better one? BTW this in on a Win XP box so the commands are DOS not Linux commands.

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the commands are NOT DOS




to solve your problem


go into your access.ini or php.ini file (I believe thats what its called think its php.ini though) and look for UserName and Password

they should be towards the bottom


thats where you set your password and username

then use that username and password when you try to connect to the database


hope that helps

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