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How To Improve My Design?


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A dark stroke? You mean like the text shadow I have around them?


No, a stroke, as in outline. In this case, each letter should have a thin (read: 1px) dark (the blue in the flag?) outline to help make the letters stand out from both the background and each other.


How are you creating them? I'm assuming it's with some sort of image editor. There should be a way to add a stroke/outline to any shape or text. If you have Photoshop, it's trivial to do.

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Tried adding...


text-outline: 2px #000066;


to accommodate you but no love for me. Nothing happened.




Just looked, not supported in any major browsers so that is out of the picture. Damn you W3School! Should have read your signature. Haha

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The gold lettering is a bit much. Especially when a text shadow is added. It makes the lettering look blurry and un-readable.


If you are going for the minimalist look -- then less is definitely more.


This is what I would do if I were you:


Change the headings text color from gold to #0C066A. It matches the blue in the flag.

Remove all box shadows

Remove the background image. Choose a solid color instead -- maybe stick with white or gray (to go with the minimalist feel). If you want try a medium gray for the background #eaeaea.

Remove the shadow from the flag logo

Change the header font from Lucida Console to Times New Roman.


If you are interested in learning design, you will want to take a look at some good design and train your eye. There are a plethura of books and websites out there that you can use for inspiration and training purposes. :)


Good luck and I hope this helped! :)


One of the most common mistakes new designers make is trying to cram too much into the design and not having a rhyme or reasoning as to why certain colors are chosen. Your goal is to make it streamlined.

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I agree on the stripes comment. Lose them!


If you are going to make a text heavy website I would suggest using sans-serif fonts. They are proven to be easier to read and easier on the eyes. Also lose the drop shadow on the headers.


I would suggest overall just coming up with a 3 color, color scheme.

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Coding is my bowl of cherries, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, Perl, C sharp, what have you! The designing thing however, that is most definitely not. I would really like to keep this design and not have to scrap it, but where do I make improvements? Every time I go there, it screams amateur. Obviously not a good first impression. Ideas? Things to study? Anything? Thanks guys.





One piece of advice, we programmers are not meant to be designers. If we want something pretty, he have to work with designers.

Do not deal with design if you want to be a programmer. I have never seen programmers who are good with designs and vice versa.

I once met a designer who wanted to learn programming aside designing, so I spend hours and hours of teaching him and at the end he couldn't even understand what a variable is. So he gave up and continued being what he was good at.

People are just different.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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