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http://whatsintheredsuitcase.com/disclaimer.php <-- bad footer, and a login box for no reason.


http://whatsintheredsuitcase.com/login-fail.php <-- 404


http://whatsintheredsuitcase.com/story.php <-- "sign up" link malformed


Site functions ok, but I didn't sign up (since I rarely do). Make us a test account to use so you can delete whatever we do when we're done.

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The login button being below the rest when everything else is in-line kinda bugs me. It looks lonely.


The layout is very bland and has nothing that really jumps out at me and the way the story is formatted at the bottom...well the story is the main focus of the site, right? Why does it look less like the whole focus of why I came to your site and more like the fine print at the bottom of a contract?


There isn't anything necessarily wrong with the layout, but it is bland.

The login button is just a small thing that bugs me.

The story blending into the rest of the site is the thing that most concerns me.

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The story blending into the rest of the site is the thing that most concerns me.


I think this is probably the major issue for me as well. "How the story started" doesn't really draw attention as the first entry, it sounds more like the quirky title of an about us page. Given it also follows directly on from the rules with no change to the format, that doesn't help make it stand out either.


I would use a different font for any story text along with a subtle background, consistently across the site. That will allow people to easily recognise what's the story and what's not. Perhaps experiment with some nice serif webfonts (for example, search for "mate" and switch to size 14.) Just be careful with serif fonts; they can make a website look great when used sparingly and selectively, but there's a thin line before they start to ruin a site. I can't see one working with your current design though to be honest, you need to liven it up a bit first.


As for the idea of the site, I quite like it. I think in it's current form though you're going to struggle to get regulars. You need to integrate with the likes of Facebook and tap into a huge user base rammed with people that love this kind of thing. I know you have a like button, but I mean proper integration. Write an app people can add that will post entries to their wall and that, which will increase traffic to the site. Perhaps allow them to login with Facebook too, so the transition between the two is seamless.


Did you draw the image yourself by the way? I would digitalise it to improve the colours and sharpen it up a bit.

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