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Play Videos In Local Video Player When Clicked On The Link.


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Hello Everyone,


I am doing a project where I am uploading user videos to amazon. On a page, user see titles of all the videos uploaded by him/her. These titles are clickable links(linked to amazon cloud). When clicked, it asks for "Open with" or "Save" in firefox. I want to play video in local player(which is available to user in his local machine) when link is clicked. I hope, it makes sense.


Thanks in advance.

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I believe this would have to be done by setting the appropriate Content-Disposition header, either with server configurations or, if you are serving the files by PHP, by setting that header field. It will then be up to the browser to display the video using whatever video players are available on the local machine.

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If you're getting a direct download to the video file, you should use JS to create an element to embed the player. JW Player is a common and easy choice.


If you meant to have it download to their PC and then playing it automatically, that's not something you can control. You could maybe try using a vlc:// link or something for common players, but not everyone uses it. Personally, I use SMPlayer .. so it would be a pain in the ass to someone like me. Many "common people" use Windows and their media player, which there's a plug-in for if you wanted to use that.


I think you may need to explain more. But you shouldn't try to control software on the machine if you want it to be universal. If the first one was what you wanted, you should replace it each time so you don't end up embedding and buffering multiple videos, or you'll rape the bandwidth and most people can't handle that.


Maybe give us more info?

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