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Auto Scroll Google Sidebar Items


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Hi, I wonder whether someone may be able to help me please.


I've put together this page http://www.mapmyfind.../chris/test.php which allows the user to add and remove Google Map markers via a 'Category' check box selection.


In addition, as each marker is added or removed from the map, the linked 'Description' is added and removed from the 'Sidebar' (shown in orange).


You will see that as a map marker is selected a 'Infowindow' is created above the marker and the linked 'Sidebar Description Item' is highlighted in grey.


The problem I'm having is that I cannot find a way to make the 'Sidebar' automatically scroll so the the sidebar item is visible to the user. To illustrate this a little better than I can perhaps explain, I have found an example here http://www.blocsoft....xample12.V3.asp which highlights the behaviour I'm looking for.


I've read many a tutorial and tried several plugins, all without success.


I just wondered whether someone could perhaps take a look at this please and let me know where I'm going wrong.


I really would be most grateful of any help as I've been working on this for several weeks.


Many thanks and kind regards

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