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Gd Library Not Installed


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I run php 5.3.1 on my local apache server. I am very much a beginner and usually run the local server to develop joomla and wordpress and the odd simple php application.


However, I am now getting some errors along the lines of "No GD library". After googling I have come to the conlcusion that I have the gd library but its somehow not "Compiled/installed" or set up.


I looked at the php manuel page but I didn't understand.


I think I have to edit the php.ini file, but I am not sure what I am supposed to add


Can anyone help please

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Hi thanks for the reply. I looked in my php.ini file and did a search for "gd" whereupon I found ;extension=php_gd2.dll


I took the ; off the front and now when I load up the back end of joomla the error message about not having GD is gone.


Is that it then?


If not I am running windows 7 ultra. I don't think I used a package - I think I installed php, mysql, apache all separately. To be honest I can't really remember.

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