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Nivo Slider Issue


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Hi! :)(I am hoping I have placed this post in the right forum)


I am having some issues with the Nivo slider. I have multiple sliders on the website (one that you can see just visiting the site and then a couple of others that are viewed when clients login).


Anyway, the issue that I am having is trying to get the second slider (the one featured on the main site) to see the custom CSS that I wrote for it -- specifically in regards to the nivo-controlNav selector.


Here is what i've tried:


(the second slider ID is #mainSlider)


#mainSlider .nivo-controlNav {


I've also tried adding a z-index to this of 9999.


I've also added custom css to the javascript:


$(document).ready(function() {


    effect: 'fade', // Specify sets like: 'fold,fade,sliceDown'
    slices: 15, // For slice animations
    boxCols: 8, // For box animations
    boxRows: 4, // For box animations
    animSpeed: 500, // Slide transition speed
    pauseTime: 7000, // How long each slide will show
    directionNav: true, // Next & Prev navigation
       directionNavHide:true, //Only show on hover
    controlNav: true, // 1,2,3... navigation
    controlNavThumbs: false, // Use thumbnails for Control Nav


and so on. That didn't work either.


Then, I went into the javascript file and tried to add a new class -- .nivo-controlNav2. However, I don't think I went about it the right way as it messed up the controlNav css for the other slider.


I tried loading a custom theme in the <head> and then added this to the slider wrapper:


<div class="slider-wrapper2 theme-mytheme">


After that, I made sure that my css had .mytheme listed first and then .nivo-controlNav listed after it.


At this point, i'm frustrated. I've done everything that *I* know how to do and have scoured the internet for answers.


Here is the site:






and thank you in advance for any help, suggestions or advice you can give.

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