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Calc In Php


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Hey there!


I've been working on a Calculator with button in PHP and im having some trouble connecting the buttons to my php code.

For an example: If i press the first button ("1") Then it's suppose to show up the number "1" on the screen. Mabye it's abit hard to explain but i hope you understand what i mean here.

So i would be delight if someone could throw an eye on my code and tell me and explain what i have too do too fix this! Here is my code:




(sorry if im posting this at the wrong place, im new to this forum :)! )


Mvh Griser

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You should read up on the superglobals in the PHP manual, and perhaps the Getting Started tutorial as well. In any case, you'll find the PHP manual a indispensable tool and reference for any level of PHP work.


PS: This is not a RegExp problem, but basic PHP coding.

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