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How hot is the CPU? If it's cool, and the fan doesn't seem to be making too much noise, it's good. Otherwise you might want to clean the dust off of it, or perhaps replace it. Depending upon the noises it makes; High RPM and high temp usually indicates dust buildup, other (especially irregular) noises tend to indicate a worn out bearing.

Generally you'll want to clean the fans at least once a year, to help maintain the cooling effect and prevent (too much) dust buildup.

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It's weird!

I turn it on ...ubuntu hibernation ...was hotter and low RPMs ...but now after reboot it's fine 54 centigrades and 3330 RPM ...back to normal.

Sometimes after BIOS post ...not many times display black screen "fan error".

It's a eBay refurbished one but that's the only issue ...everything else so far so good.


Kind regards!

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