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Start And End Time Movie/presentation


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Dear freaks :).

I need to make a program for my old primary school, just to help them out.

I thought it was going to be quite simple but I have some major problems.

The idea is this:

Fill in a start time and start date(year,month,day hours,minutes)

FIll in a end time and end date


Safe both into a database, and pick them up.


Let the movie/powerpoint/school information play without other human imput.


The most important thing is just the information, wich I have ready in a file.


How can I do this?


Maybe mktime() is an option?


Let me know and maybe show me some pieces of code you guys think is perfect!


Greetings from the cold, little country called Holland!



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How does your code look, at least what you got so far? Also, I'm a bit uncertain about what, exactly, you want the system to do. Sketching it up in a bullet point list might be a good idea, preferably it could also help you figure out the problem(s) on your own. If not, it'll at least help us understand your problem better.

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No, the plan is.

A movie, or information, or powerpoint starts playing at the time i define and ends at the time i define.


For example:







Means, that everyday, it runs from 11:30 untill 12:30.


If its done it returns to the main screen, or starts a new thing, depends what is told to the system.


I don't have to code here, since Im not at my company now, I will post it tomorrow @ 8 in the morning, dutch time.


Thanks in advance

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