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Need Advice Creating A Progam


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Hi, i have an assigment to make a "reminder" software that reads data from a database and displays the info on the computer screen.. I have made the database and now i need to start programming the software.


For the start, i just need to make something installable on the computer, that it would appear in the windows startup menu (i mean that it should run itself everytime the computer gets turned on), and it would have an icon in the bottom right corner (next to the clock). Also it should display some (any) message when i click on the icon near the clock (or w/o the click)..


Note, i have never done anything like this, so i have no idea with what software or with what language i should make this happen..


So yeah, any advice on where and with what i should start, would be greatly appreciated.

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C++ with Qt is a good solution too, as it'll allow the application to be cross-platform compatible. However, just about any language in which you can create a GUI would be fine, so just pick the one you like the best and feel the most comfortable with.

Just make sure that the GUI part isn't just tacked on as a rushed afterthought.

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