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gettin php mysql workin properly..

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hi, duno if this is guna mean anything but ive recently installed linux on one of my machines with apache php n mysql all set up.. ive dun a phpinfo() test on the localhost bit.. and it works.. it also has the mysql info on there so im sure its all set up ok. ive set up a super user on the mysql bit and set up a basic small database with it.


rite question 1: ive tried to create more users so i dont always have to sign in as the super user for mysql.. but when i log out and try to sign in as the new basic users.. it says access denied.. can any1 help me understand why? im pretty sure ive done it all rite.


question 2: when i try to access my database through php i get nothing. i cant understand why, im like 99.5% sure my coding is correct. ive uploaded to images so u can see what i get and what my code is.. also ive put in little hello/hi/boo things to determine where the code is getting stuck. ull see what i mean..

links:pic1 - pic2


if anybody knows the prob or can help me to solve this prob so i can get my local server thingy workin properly id really appreciate it. im dying to get this up so i can save time creating my webpages n stuff. thanks for your time readin..



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