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Converting To Oracle From Mysql


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Ugh, I was just told to convert a bunch of PHP mySQL apps I didn't write to run under Oracle. I'm fairly new to PHP and know nothing about Oracle (but am trying to read up as much as I can)


Can any of this be accomplished via search and replace, i.e. replacing the mysqli-> calls with Oracle calls, or is it totally different and I'll have to go line by line.


Also, Oracle doesn't seem to offer any kind of auto-numbering (or does it?) so a lot of the tables with primary keys based on unique, ascending numbers are going to have to be changed.


If someone could post the equivalent of a mysqli "SELECT" and "UPDATE" for Oracle it would be HUGELY appreciated!

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I would recommend writing a database class to serve as a wrapper/interface. You would then search and replace the existing query/fetch/num_rows/affected_rows/error calls with the replacement class methods. I would then test using mysql(i) statements in your class to insure you didn't break anything. Then all you would need to do is concentrate on making the class methods produce the equivalent results using Oracle command/queries.

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