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framework performance hosting

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#1 deepakfugo

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Posted 14 November 2012 - 04:41 AM

Hi All,
I am developing a portal in PHP(Thinking of using YII framework) and MySql DB.
I have 2 queries releated to performance of a portal.

1> How to organize the file/directory structure so that the file/s will be accessed at optimal performance.
for ex : if we take website like Facebook we can see that they are keeping Javascript, CSS and images in different domain(or some websites storing these files in sub domain) What is the use of keeping the scripting files (JS,CSS,Image folders, etc) in another domin. will it help in acheiving greater performance?

2> I want to know about hosting, whether hosting on a dedicated server is better or Cloud hosting is better. (Since i am expecting atleast ten thousand hits a day)

Also any further discussion on managing Portal/ Security of Portal and choosing framework is appriciated.

Thx in Adv.

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#2 Andy123

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Posted 25 November 2012 - 02:48 PM

I am a little late, but anyways... I would recommend that you use a subdomain for your static files (Javascript, images, CSS, etc.) because then you can easily put them on a different physical server if you experience load issues. The primary reason I would encourage this, though, is that then it will be easy for you to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which basically means that your files are stored on third party servers around the world. By using a CDN, you can free your web server from sending static files to your visitors and let it focus on the server side scripting.

I have always been running using a shared hosting environment (will switch to cloud hosting when my current project is ready), but I would personally go with cloud hosting because it is easy to scale up and down based on the current demands. If you go with a cloud hosting provider, I would recommend spending some time reading reviews around the Internet about the various providers, because "cloud" is still a buzz word in the industry; from what I have seen, many providers promise everything in the world and in reality, half of them are not nearly as reliable as they claim. Obviously there are good providers out there - you just have to find them.
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#3 raknjak

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Posted 21 December 2012 - 03:03 PM

Encrypt() is not for used for password protection because it is 2-way encryption.
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