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Help Making Game Plugin For Website


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Hello freaks :) im new here and me and a bud of mine are trying to make a plugin for his site, im not going to post the link because im not sure if ill get in trouble for advertising, but what we are trying to do is..


Make a section of his website able to play games (Swf's) Through a proxy system called glype and what we want is like youtube kinda. if you run youtube through a proxy, it will allow youtube videos to play through a different player called (FLV Player) And what we are trying to do is link games from the website to allow it to play in a seperate player while at school. because school blocks the armoredgames.com so we need to find a way to play it through a proxy. any help? thanks guys

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assuming you meen armourgames.com - now MAD.com - your not allowed to do that without

a) written concent from MAD.com and

B) ensuring no one under 13 or who is classed as a minor without legal emancipation or direct parental or guardian aproval can access the content.


As this is clearly a "get round the schools site restrictions" excersise I strongly doubt that you have taken the proper steps for either of these. As such I'll not be helping, and I doubt very much anyone on here would openly assist you either.


Even if it is another site - the one you actualy posted doesn't exist - It is pretty standard for T's & C's to state simmilar clauses.


Why do people never read the terms and conditions?

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