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Need Help With Edit/delete Mysql Records


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If i hit Edit button i got these error before i click Submiterror.png




if ($_GET['do'] == 'test2') {

$id = ($_POST['id']);
$username = cleanuserinput($_POST['username']);
$password = cleanuserinput($_POST['password']);
$rpassword = cleanuserinput($_POST['rpassword']);
$pass = md5($_POST['password']);
mysql_query("delete from admin where id='".$id."'");
 print '<center><font color=black>Admin has been deleted!</font><br>';


//Make sure username isn't blank
if (!$username){
$error .= '<font color=red>Sorry, the username was empty.</font><br>';
//Make sure password isn't blank
if (!$password){
$error .= '<font color=red>Sorry, your password was empty.</font><br>';
//Make sure both passwords match
if ($password != $rpassword) {
$error .= '<font color=red>Passwords Doesn\'t Match!</font><br>';
 //Check username length
if (!ctype_alnum($username) || strlen($username) < 4 || strlen($username) > 15) {
$error .= '<font color=red>Username must be between 4-15 characters!</font><br>';
//Check password length
 if (!ctype_alnum($password) || strlen($password) < 4 || strlen($password) > 15) {
$error .= '<font color=red>Password must be between 4-15 characters.</font><br>';

if (!$error){
$sql_update = "UPDATE admin set username = '$username', password= '$pass' where id='".$id."'";
	 $result = mysql_query ($sql_update) or die(mysql_error());
print "<center><font color=black>User ". $_POST['username'] ." Has been edited.</font><br>";

$get_admin = mysql_query("select * from admin where id='".$id."'");
$admin = mysql_fetch_array($get_admin);

echo $error . "<form action='?do=test2' method='post'>
<tr><th colspan=20>Edit Admin</th></tr>
<tr><td><b>Username<font color=red>*</font></b></td><td><div><small>[ 4-15 characters ]</small></div><input name='username' type='text' maxlength='50' size='25' tabindex='1' value='".$admin['username']."'></td></tr>
<tr><td><b>Password<font color=red>*</font></b></td><td><div><small>[ 4-15 characters ]</small></div><input name='password' type='text' maxlength='50' size='25' tabindex='2' value=''></td></tr>
<tr><td><b>Password 2<font color=red>*</font></b></td><td><input name='rpassword' type='text' maxlength='50' size='25' tabindex='3' value=''></td></tr>


	 <input type=hidden name=id value='".$admin['id']."'>
	 <div align='center'><br><input type='submit' name='submit' tabindex='4' value='Submit'></div>

} else {
print" <table width=90%>
<tr><th colspan=20>Current Admin</th></tr>
<td>Admin Name</td>
<td>Added Date</td>
<td align=center>Action</td>";

$get_admin = mysql_query("select * from admin ");
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($get_admin)){

print " <tr>
<td>". $row['username'] ."</td>
<td>". $row['date'] ."</td>
<td align=center>
<form method=POST>
<input name=id type=hidden value='".$row['id']."'>
<input type=submit name=edit value='Edit'>
		 <input type=submit name=delete value='Delete'>

print "</table>";
} else {

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Code is run from top to bottom. You're checking if a password and username have been set and telling it to echo that before anyone gets a chance to enter any data.


What? the OP has the error code inside of a condition that waits for the edit button to be clicked.


davidolson, the code is doing exactly what you have coded it to do, what are you expecting it to do?

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What? the OP has the error code inside of a condition that waits for the edit button to be clicked.


davidolson, the code is doing exactly what you have coded it to do, what are you expecting it to do?


I skimmed the code over too quickly, it seems. Just saw that he said it's displaying those errors before they even submit everything.

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